Very soon, an email will arrive in your inbox with further instruction…


There are three crucial steps for you to take so we can hit the ground running and you can get the VERY MOST out of our work together…

STEP #1 – Join the conversation…

Click here to visit your new Uplevel Cafe facebook community.

Once, there click “Join“. The verification process usually takes less than 24 hours. (This is where all the interaction happens!)

STEP #2 – Ask us a question…

As soon as you’re in the Facebook group – do this:

Share your biggest question/challenge right now. Just complete this sentence: “The biggest question I have right now is…”

(We studied our most successful students, and this was the one common action step they all took! They got questions answered and reached out for help and encouragement!)

Also, please let us know you’re new to the Cafe — and use the hashtag: #imnewhere.

STEP #3 – Register for your Uplevel Cafe “Office Hours” call.

“Office Hours” is exclusive group access for you to get coaching from Uplevel experts and coaches. (Yes, you’ll be able to write in questions in advance.)

However, you MUST be registered for the call to get the dial-in access. Click the link in your email to go to the reg page… and then add the date and time to your calendar so you won’t miss the call.

(Even if you write in your question, my coaches will want you on the call to follow up with clarifying questions.)

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